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Friday, January 10, 2003

Glorious Army

fascinating words ..what makes an army glorious?

is it the discipline of soldiers…

its effectiveness  beating an enemy…

its adherence to moral codes ... to international laws…

or is it … its determination to win?

could it be its awareness of its shortcoming….. its striving to be better

could it be its cost effectiveness….

could it be its ruthlessness …

its fearlessness ...

maybe it is adherence to the will of its people….

possibly its professionalism …..and self control…

wonder if it is not its courage …. pulling the trigger with no hesitation

or maybe it is courage ….and not pulling the trigger 

a glorious army wins wars ….indeed!

a glorious army respect laws ….

treats pow's with honor!

a glorious army protects civilians ….

or does it only protect own civilians….

does a glorious army shoot at kids?

do its soldiers take photos over their dead victims…

a glorious army punishes its own for inglorious acts…

can a glorious army have deserters?

refusing to take part … in inglorious acts

yet they are part of a glorious army!

does that make them a scar on its glory?

could something glorious have a scars…

could the scar be its true glory ?


January 10, 2003

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