Thursday, June 28, 2001

Unsubscribe – Fragmented, Irreverent & Disjointed

Mostly A Tribute To Souad Houssni and Dalida!


A long time ago I unsubscribed.
One click and I left the group
I found me in Hermosa
Why did I do it? It certainly was not the pursuit of the American dream
An escape from the Egyptian kaboose
I already unsubscribed..not my turn this time

Egyptian nightmare and its obsession with what foreigners think
160 years after independence, 80 years after the revolution
Even presidents are searching for identity

Kaboose of rules, restrictions, taboos, corruption, racism, artificiality, frustration
With ignorance and fundamentalism cocktail
And poverty added too .. shaken and stirred
I unsubscribed I am gone .. not my turn no more


It was 1986 I think, I drove up from Long Beach to Schubert Auditorium in Los Angeles, Close to Olympic stadium, by USC campus. The great venue was barely half full.
What talent ..what grace ..rain in Brussels, Gigi, Mon Italie, Paroles, Le Lambath Walk.. fantastic
Lots of polite applause by the mainly French & Canadians
Then, it went wild, it was Salmma Ya Salaama and Ahsen Naas
Not too many Canadians there really, all massreen why did I unsubscribe. I rejoined and came back the following night to see my Dalida ..Schubert was not as empty, new subscribers I see! …. Dalida was fantastic ..lots of Egyptian songs, her early French & Italians stuff ..why did I ever leave ..this is my real love… real self …at ease…oh home again …
Few weeks later Dalida unsubscribed the group .. off she clicked and was gone avec Edith et Virginia
Devastated ..sad. shocked ..why such vitality …. Talent.. such beauty … it the sadness and suffering inside that comes out as such talent…….elhamedollah am not talented.

Souad Houssni

Playful ..attractive, witty and oh . the cleavage
Fine specimen of the group…my first fantasy .. the playful forbidden face and body and cleavage ..end of innocence …what innocence…Innocence was mummified and wrapped long ago, back to the days of nakessah of 1967. Innocence was perhaps gone well before maybe Lilla Mourad or the time the Copperman got to the palace. We may have had a temporary Advil like innocence with Jaheen, Souad and Haleem, may be it was real, but it died forever when Nasser said I quit. Never again …..never innocence never hope..all gone then

Souad Hossni knew it, she unsubscribed….souad habibiti the smile the playful laughter the cleavage the voice the talent all gone..

Will she be with Sheikh Emam, Abdel Halim and Jaheen au avec Dalida et Edith wla Capitan Duckie

Bass 3aieb cleavage ..duckie dare you harram ya waled

With Souad Houssni gone I know firmly join a new group… no clicking to join…just wait here sir, time will be right with you .. the sad, Prozac, 10 years to AARP..

Souad Houssni is dead, but the sun still shines .. and we got no medals
William Lane knows not a damn thing about my group …

no won’t unsubscribe … but the good doctor from Detroit not even Duckie. I’ll just wait for the next flight