Saturday, November 03, 2001

How Many People Must Die?

I had honestly thought that the 9/11 tragedy could actually lead to positive movements in the "peace" process, could lead to a greater understanding that killing a child eating a pizza in Jerusalem and blowing up the WTC are both despicable acts of killing of the innocents, both the classic definition of terror, only different in scale.

I had hoped that American Jews and Israelis would understand that pushing the US to adopt double standards when it comes to Israel would lead to massive waves of Anti-Americanism, the extreme of which will threaten America itself. As a result, it would be important to pressure American politicians for moderation, for the sake of Israel and America both. If a backlash against Israel ever occurs in America, with the latent racism, it is likely to be very sever. Why risk it?

I had hoped that Arabs and Moslems in the west feeling the weight of the green crescent they wear on their faces would actually feel for the first time, what it must have been like for the Jews under the Nazi wearing the yellow star, would begin to understand the feeling of being the subject of racist hate, fear and distrust. I had hoped that Arabs and Moslems would see first hand the peril of racism and understand more of what drives the Jewish psyche.

I had hoped that the Israeli people would sit back and reflect on what they have done, what they are doing to the poor helpless, hapless, hopeless yet loud mouthed Palestinians.

I had hoped that the blood of thousands of people would be a wake up call. I had hoped that the sight of innocent victims jumping out of the inferno of the World Trade Center would shake prejudices, would make people stop being pawns in the dynamic cycle of violence around them and think.

Instead we have more killings, the terrorists murder a 75-year-old extremist and turn him into martyr. The Prime Minster on hearing the news probably said to himself I can get away with a couple of hundred souls and twenty five houses, he will surely be waiting for another terrorist attack over the next few weeks. The last thing he ever wanted was peace and there is nothing more that he likes than an excuse for avoiding peace and for an orgy of killings, so good for the soul. The extremists on both sides help each other’s agenda mutual of hate and distrust.

The cycle of butchery and denials continues;
 I was here first, no I was!
You shot at us first, no you did…
You pushed me out! no you left on your own…
You provoked me, no you attacked me…
I want peace! you want war!
You want war! I want peace!
My religion is better…
My religion is better…
Your religion is hate; no it is not, yours is!
You want all of it!
You want all of it!
You put gum in my hair, you took my toy, no you did!

Is there anyone else listening to this fight,
or just the two angry peoples?
The rest of the world has just tuned them both out!

How many people must die before we know too many people have died?
The answer my friend is …still pending,
Obviously NOT enough yet?

November 3, 2001