Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Plight of Copts Goes on and on!

From Tumblr

The silence is deafening on what’s happening to the Copts in Egypt …even many of my Coptic friends have grown so discouraged and dispirited, they just remain silent, no one hears them and no one cares and no one can do a damn thing to stop the atrocities from El Arish beheadings and kidnappings of young Copts to the on-going brutality in Delga and elsewhere.

The Egyptian Muslims who would normally care are tired and weary and have so many battles to fight, the west is looking at the violence in Egypt against Copts as, low grade tolerable, in an otherwise messed up region. The Egyptian Government sees the violence against Copts as helpful for enhancing the terrorist image of Islamists so it generally tolerates a level of violence before it becomes embarrassing.
The average Egyptian, sadly, maybe looking on with a level of glee and hatred at the suffering of the Copts. Sectarian hate in Egypt is a fact, regardless of Islamists and it is a two way street, but obviously the minority suffers a lot more than the majority.

I wrote an essay ten years ago about massacre of Copts and the two way sectarian hate. and frankly I can add nothing more except that the current failure of  the #Jan25 Revolution, in my view, stems from a critical missing objective: equality ..of men and women, of Muslim and Copt .. true equality ..this is what enabled Islamists to hijack a revolution that failed to demand true equality. I contrast Jan25 slogans of Bread, Freedom and Social Justice with the French Revolution’s cry of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity and see what’s missing and what went wrong: equality!