Tuesday, December 11, 2001

Land of Blood and Agony

….. and the cycle goes on

  Sharon feels justified in going after Hamas as perpetrators of   terror;

  the killing of the Palestinian children is just an unfortunate collateral damage

  Hamas feels that killing the Israeli kids is also a collateral damage … in a just struggle against the occupation

  Sharon argues the occupation is crucial for protecting the security … of the Israelis

  and Hamas believes Israel can never have security as long as Palestinians are not allowed back to their homes and farms,

and Israelis feel this ……
  and Palestinians feel that ...
  and  Hamas feels ...

  Meanwhile more kids will never grow up,
  will die before they can love
  before they can live ..

  will just be plain extinguished in a horrible game of hate ….counter hate and more hate…

  …a game of political one-upmanship played by adults who have had their full sorry lives to live …

 and deny the poor kids even a chance at a sorry life, ... acceptable collateral damage …that's all, that's all!

  (1991 - 2001)
  buried here Collateral Ben Damage
  a.k.a. Collateral Ibin Damage
  Killed accidentally by Hamas trying to kill Sheikh Sharon
  Killed accidentally by Sharon trying to kill Hamas
  ..Rest In Peace …
… in this Land of blood & agony…

December 11, 2001